Enduring Solutions (ESL)

Here at GI Motorsport we can now offer fully programmable daughter boards for pre-’99 Subaru’s, this allows us to remap your car to it’s full potential with an ESL board. A summery of functions are below:

Feature List (Not Exhaustive):

  • Low cost (GBP295/USD450)
  • Suitable for all turbocharged Imprezas
  • Only option for Legacy RSB/GTB
  • Only option for AT Forester
  • MAF/MAFless load switchable in software
  • User Switchable Maps (Full, not offsets)
  • Closed Loop Knock Control
  • Closed Loop Idle
  • Injector overrun cut off
  • Software fully windows integrated, modern, object oriented, multi-threaded, live updates.
  • Factory drive quality out of the box.
  • Comprehensive closed loop knock control.
  • 3D boost mapping – no boost controller required.
  • Can be remapped to incorporate further modifications.
  • Full OEM Diagnostic control codes.
  • International dealer support network.
  • Standard hot and cold start compensations.
  • Closed loop narrowband lambda control (idle and light cruise).
  • No additional harness
  • All Sensors and actuators exposed, will work with any specification
  • Installation Service available
  • Motorsport features to follow: ALS, LC, Flat Shift


The OEM JECS ECU is the most capable ECU you can use with your Version 1 -4 Impreza!

Consider the amount Subaru will have spent developing and testing it specifically for that model range and compare that to the likely budget of an aftermarket manufacturer.

Find another ECU with useful real world features such as closed loop knock control so comprehensive that it can retard ignition, add fuel and modify boost.

How many after market ECUS feature full active diagnostics and 3D boost mapping?

The only major disadvantage of the OEM JECS ECU was its inability to be reflashed. Thats where the ESL Live daughterboard comes in. It allows the numbers in the OEM ECU to be changed to control fuelling, ignition, boost, sensor and actuator swaps (MAF, MAP, turbo, injector, etc). ESL Live will grow with any future modifications you have planned. It is the complete solution for any engine specification.

The best part – At £295+VAT and mapping it is very much cheaper than any of the aftermarket replacement ECUs, and a national distributor network means local support for the product. Don’t be fooled into paying over the odds for a replacement ECU that is less capable than the one you already have in the car. This is a rare situation where you really can save money yet get more.


Subaru upgrades

With all powerful cars the hunger for more power is always there like waiting for a take away delievery, that’s why here at GI Motorsport we’re only too happy to help.

Our in-house mapper yesterday completed another 300+bhp upgrade on a ’02 for one of our regular customer’s who was suffering from this hunger.  With an uprated fuel pump supplied and fitted, and a remap to the modifications the car already had it easily made the customer a very happy man, especially since his wife hadn’t told him it was getting done!!!

Shop coming soon!

We’re currently in the middle of populating our own online shop, if you can’t find what you want on the shop drop us a line via phone or email and we’ll sort you out :) details on our main site.


GI Motorsport shop

Now Advanced Clutch Technology (ACT) dealers

That’s right, we’re now ACT dealers and have been flat out filling the clear hole in the suppy and demand chain, with 5 Subaru Impreza’s and a 180SX we’ve been pretty busy the last while.  These clutches are from the same manufacturer as the twin plate clutch that we fitted to the SilV8, 180SX/V8, car that we built.  Every customer has been happy that it can handle the power and pedal feel is not heavy, infact it barely feels like it’s uprated, that is until it bites whilst enguaging and the power is delivered.



there are varying specifications of these clutches available from plain organic upgrades for fast road and track to 4 and 6 puk clutches for full on racing, also available are flywheels, here’s on of the street lite flywheels we fitted:


and here’s a couple of the clutches:

Impreza ‘pull type’ Clutch:

 here’s a 180sx ACT, this was matched to a Nismo Flywheel:





the next stage…

Everyone will remember the old jokes about Skoda’s and how they were nicknamed ‘slowda’s’ for years, least this was the case untill they brought out the Fabia vRS.  Although it was a diesel it was the home to one of the new generation of VAG ‘PD’ engine, these engines a relively bomb proof and can be highly modified for relitively little cost.

This car was relatively standard when it first arrived, it was only lowered on a set of ‘coilovers’. We first built a turbo-back exhaust system, this paired with a home brew front mounted intercooler and a Jabba Sport remap, performed in-house, gave healthy power gains, unfortunately the turbo wasn’t up to the task and failed.  This was decision time for the customer, he could put on another standard turbo or upgrade.  This is the state of the origional turbo:


The old intercooler vs. the new:


With his mind made up it was upgrade time, the old home brew front mounted intercooler was ditched in favour of a Forge Motorsport Front mounted intercooler kit and PD150 Hybrid from AET Turbo’s.  An EGR delete kit and cone-in-box filter were also fitted and another Jabba Sport remap to suit the new modifications. 

 Cone in box filter fitted:

All together now:

FREE winter health check and new offers

With winter closing in fast and Xmas round the corner we know that budgets become tight and cars start to break. That’s why we’re offering free winter health checks, by appointment, as well as discounts on all products and labor.

We’ll also beat any genuine ‘like for like’ quote on all of our services, including our custom stainless steel exhausts!!

Looking for a Xmas present for a petrolhead? Pop in and we’ll happily sort you out, if it’s not in stock most of our suppliers offer a next day delivery service so will be here in plenty of time. To make things even easier we’ll even provide a fitting service at half price for all products bought from ourselves, with vouchers available with each purchase.

Defi gauges instal

As we’re newly appointed Tein and Defi dealers it’s only fair that we show whats on offer, here’s a set of Defi gauged installed to a new-age Subaru Impreza. Here we’ve installed an oil temperature, oil pressure and a boost pressure gauge from the Defi Racer range, these are independent gauges unlike the normal range where they would run through a controller which would allow data logging and playback, these ones just display the information at the time.

here’s a before picture:


Here we’ve paired up the oil temperature and oil pressure sensor looms and added some extra shielding to give the looms some extra protection from the heat that they’ll be exposed to under the bonnet of the Subaru:

and here’s what they look like once installed:

and a little close up:




Subaru ACT Clutch

After much thought and decision making one of our customers decided against trading in his limited edition WRX Subaru Impreza (GB270) and continue his modification. 

This car is already highly modified and we had it in a while back for a new gearbox after the power the engine was delivering destroyed the old one, at the time he was considering trading it in so the standard clutch was left in.  Now since he’s keeping it it came into our care for a full timing belt service and uprated ACT clutch.  As the car is pushing way beyond the factory power we chose a 6 paddle friction plate, this allows the clutch temperature to be kept down without the bite being too, abrupt making the car possibly difficult to drive in traffic.

As you can see from the pictures the pressure plate was in a sorry state:


The friction plate has a purple tinge to it due to the heat it had suffered from fast road and track driving.

And here’s the clutch in it’s new home:

this one should last longer than his gearbox, it’s a goodthing we can now get PPG (Pfitzner Performance Gearboxes) and Quaife Engineering products :)

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